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(It’s great to carry a journal or piece of paper with you to practice this tool as much as you can to change things as fast as you can.) Just write what you instinctively first want to say…using the words you most usually want to use. Just rework what you instinctively want to say – how you want to hurl your upset at him – and write it all in poetry, from your heart, instead of “descriptions” and “reportings” from your head.

Make it only from you, sharing your feeling state and not linking it at ALL to what has happened or what he did or didn’t do, or who he seems to be or not be.

It's not the desire to find romantic love that's so cringe-worthy; it's the fact that this guy is giving out bad information.

Flirt's atrocious, borderline-predatory advice is being peddled to Muslim guys who legitimately would like to integrate into a new place.

Who doesn’t love them some good food and nice company?