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"We were excavating all kinds of animals there, and mostly they were rodents, rhinos, cats, hippos and others," said Zelenkov.

"But this locality is also interesting because it preserves a rich community of fossil birds.

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But no exotic birds have been found there before," Zelenkov said.

Researchers unearthed part of a bone called a tarsometatarsus, which is found in the lower leg of birds.

Nice that Christians and atheists can agree and laugh together but sadly at God’s expense! The thickness of sediments and number of layers and known rates of sedimentation, along with the known ages of the rock particles from half life dating of radioactive elements, give us ages of Millions of years.----from the Scientific perspective.

You have to remember that we can only use Observation, experience and experiment in SCIENCE. Noah's flood is a Bible story, possibly allegorical and interpreted by a man hundreds of years ago who was unaware of the age evidence we know today (otherwise he might have modified his interpretation)---OK to believe in in a Religious sense, but is NOT Science. You are out to ridicule God and all Chrsitians are you not?!!!!!!! Does this arabic translation grammatically makes sense?

The eras are divided into periods that might have lasted for 2 to 80 million years each.