When did kat von d and nikki sixx start dating

She is reveling in the mainstreaming of tattoos and her contribution to what she considers a movement towards appreciation and acceptance of her type of self expression.As an accidental celebrity who has been tattooing since the age of fourteen, Kat is humbled and amused by all of the attention has brought her.

Here are the highs and the lows, the good, the bad, and the ugly—including her feelings about her fame, family, love life, friends, and fans.

Visually stunning, this graphically compelling diary is jam-packed with tons of Kat's images, from sketches of her tattoos to the finished works, and candid shots of her unusual personal collections—all photographed by Kat herself.

Besides, she opened her own Hollywood tattoo parlor, LA Ink, in Hollywood.

Apart from tattooing, she has displayed her talent in modeling and acting by playing cameo roles in films and television programs.

To add to her ever-increasing career graph, she has launched her own fashion brand and make-up line, and runs an art gallery and boutique.