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Take a look at the cast of Gilmore Girls then and now.

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For some strange reason, I’ve become one of the targets of the paparazzi. You try and hold on to that little part of normal that you can. And we built her up and just ripped her down, put every aspect of her life under a microscope.

That girl was the epitome of beauty when I was younger.

While I can't imagine what it is about working in close quarters with ridiculously talented and good looking people that makes costars want to shack up (note the sarcasm), sometimes even seemingly unlikely or surprising pairs have come from the deep recesses of movie and television sets.

That, or Cupid always has his arrow set towards Hollywood.

Milo Ventimiglia is white according to his ethnicity. He has two sisters and their names are Laurel Ventimiglia and Leslie Ventimiglia. He also studied in a music school in San Francisco with a scholarship.