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The opening of Thursday's Republican Fox News debate was one of those moments.Donald Trump, who among other things had been under fire from his opponents for the size of his hands -- a decades-old insecurity for The Donald -- It's quite possible you're shrugging right now.“But she was always so, so sweet to me so it was nice to see her again.

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During my year of celibacy (I'm under no illusion that it was a shared vow) I purchased my first home, completed the first half of my master’s degree, got a promotion at work, adopted an awesome dog, and generally got my shit together.

I'm a lot less crazy now, and feel confident that I'm in a better place for a partnership, as he appears to be as well.

Be wary of advice from people who tell you to dress and act a certain way.

Of course, have restraint and use discretion when revealing too much about yourself on a first date, but don’t put on a front either.

He should be willing to wait all the way until marriage if that’s what you want him to do.