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Here you can choose Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. We will discuss another option in future tutorials.

Now test your connection; if it is successful then proceed to the next section. Figure 8Next, configure the database table or Stored Procedure from which the data will be retrieved. Here you can choose to order by or use advanced SQL commands. But the code above is not finished until you make a design and data bound for the List View. Data Access in List View Control by SQL Server Now we will learn how to fill a List View by SQL Server queries and ASP.

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I’ve also created an example project that I’ve included at the end of the article if you want to see this working for yourself.

Create a managed metadata field The first step is to create a site column using the Field element with a Type of either Taxonomy Field Type (allowing a single selection) or Type Taxonomy Field Type Multi (allowing multiple selections if you also set Mult=”True”).

While developing any application we need to handle some events.

For example, when a new item is added to a list, we may need to perform some action like say, notifying the person who created the list item, or modifying the dependent entries in some other location etc.

This is something I haven’t seen covered anywhere else so in this article I’ll have a detailed look at how the managed metadata field functionality works so that we can correct these problems when creating list definitions that use managed metadata fields.