Validating event in vb net

NET textbox, which event handler is better to use: Validating or Leave?From what I understand, they both occur at the same time. Leave Event, the Leave event occurs right before the validating event.thx and regard,s Norton Norton, I got the following tip from "Windows Forms Programming in C#" by Chris Sells, from Addison Wesley. How can something be wrong in a textbox when you use correct the validating event.

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I'd recommend staying away from reflecting on the internal methods and properties of Framework classes.

This will future proof your code as much as possible and prepare you for any breaking changes down the road to the internals of the Framework.

For example, you might want to have a routine that fires on the form's “Closing” event or a data save method to loop through all the controls on your form and validate them independently to ensure that all controls are valid.

This might be a common scenario in data entry forms where you might create a new record and the user might not touch all the fields on your form (and thus never trigger the “Validating” event of your controls). One, pointed out by Chris Sells (read more), invokes the Control's “Notify Validating” event through Reflection.

Text = "") End Sub Now consider the corresponding VB. If the end user clicks on a different control and Text1 contains an empty string, the Lost Focus event resets the background color to white, then the Validate event cancels the focus shift, and finally the Got Focus event changes the background color to yellow again. If this is the case, the converted code might fail or behave unexpectedly.

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