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This makes life much easier for the systems downstream because they will not need to write validation logic during the data-import process.

You may encounter some difficulty depending on the business, so consider these options: Referential integrity and constraints I am surprised by the number of systems that do not use the native referential integrity and constraint features of SQL Server.

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This chapter may be cited as the Information Resources Management Act.

The term includes:(A) central processing units, front-end processing units, miniprocessors, microprocessors, and related peripheral equipment such as data storage devices, document scanners, data entry equipment, terminal controllers, data terminal equipment, computer-based word processing systems other than memory typewriters, and equipment and systems for computer networks;(B) all related services, including feasibility studies, systems design, software development, and time-sharing services, provided by state employees or others; and(C) the programs and routines used to employ and control the capabilities of data processing hardware, including operating systems, compilers, assemblers, utilities, library routines, maintenance routines, applications, and computer networking programs.(4) "Department" means the Department of Information Resources.(5) "Electronic government project" means the use of information technology to improve the access to and delivery of a government service, including a project that uses the Internet as a primary tool for the delivery of a government service or performance of a governmental function.(6) "Executive director" means the executive director of the Department of Information Resources.(7) "Information resources" means the procedures, equipment, and software that are employed, designed, built, operated, and maintained to collect, record, process, store, retrieve, display, and transmit information, and associated personnel including consultants and contractors.(8) "Information resources technologies" means data processing and telecommunications hardware, software, services, supplies, personnel, facility resources, maintenance, and training.(8-a) "Institution of higher education" has the meaning assigned by Section 61.003, Education Code.(9) "Local government" means a county, municipality, special district, school district, junior college district, or other political subdivision of the state.(10) "Major information resources project" means:(A) any information resources technology project identified in a state agency's biennial operating plan whose development costs exceed $1 million and that:(i) requires one year or longer to reach operations status;(ii) involves more than one state agency; or(iii) substantially alters work methods of state agency personnel or the delivery of services to clients; and(B) any information resources technology project designated by the legislature in the General Appropriations Act as a major information resources project.(11) Repealed by Acts 2007, 80th Leg., R.

Domain Validation represents the simplest or “good” SSL certification.

Domain Validation confirms that the domain is registered, and someone with administrative rights is aware of and approves the certificate request. Organizational Validation is a more advanced and better SSL certificate because it has more validation requirements.

In this chapter:(1) "Application" means a separately identifiable and interrelated set of information resources technologies that allows a state agency to manipulate information resources to support specifically defined objectives.(2) "Board" means the governing board of the Department of Information Resources.(3) "Data processing" means information technology equipment and related services designed for the automated storage, manipulation, and retrieval of data by electronic or mechanical means. The term includes all facilities and equipment performing those functions that are owned, leased, or used by state agencies and branches of state government.(15) "State electronic Internet portal" means the electronic government project or its successor project implemented under Subchapter I.(16) "Quality assurance team" means the quality assurance team established under Section 2054.158.

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