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BTW I KNOW MY GRAMER IS BAD Every time i try to play a round in battlefield 2, i am able to play for like 5 minutes before getting kicked off with the message"This PB server requires ( A1392 C2.150) - Error loading Pbag"Does anybody know what this means???

I am a windows 7 64 bit user build 7048 and when I played call of duty World at War i kept getting punkbuster error (Unknown Windows API Function 131132.

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How to maintain the moistener brush and wick on the DM100i, Send Pro 300 and more Learn how to maintain the moistener by cleaning the brush and wick on the DM100i, DM125, DM200L, DM225, DM300C and Send Pro 300.

PB is unable to communicate with some peoples computers due to their firewall settings.