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We’ve made it easy for you to manage your healthcare plan with online tools and resources.

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This site is for Coordinated System of Care (CSo C) members in Louisiana, their families and friends, and providers. Provider CSo C E-mail Archive CSo C Member Handbook Becoming a Provider CSo C Provider Handbook CSo C Standard Operating Procedures CSo C MCO Referral Form CSo C Discharge Form CSo C Freedom of Choice Form Reporting Abuse and Grievances Brochure WAA Regional CSo C Contacts It is important for you to know what your behavioral health benefits are and how to use them. Your Rights & Responsibilities Prepare for Your Appointment Helpful video's for Members and Families Getting help for mental health challenges Taking medication: It's your choice Do you have a grievance (member complaint)?

A grievance is when you tell us that you are not satisfied with the services you received. Magellan offers a variety of resources to our providers, including training events, e-courses, demos of our online tools, and more Provider Training and Events Online Training Resiliency & Recovery E-Learning Center Our enhanced online Provider Data Change Form makes it quick and convenient to update your email addresses, office locations, business hours, staff rosters and more, in real-time.

He was introduced in Redux and also had a small role in Dr Spooky & Otto’s The Case of the Absent Corpse adventure. you can see it in all its glory here (you might have to hit reload if you visited recently and/or are still seeing the old page).

The other characters will be new to you though, they’ve not previously been seen or mentioned before. For all the work that’s gone into (at least 20 hours, at a modest estimate) I’m not all that happy with it, mainly because there is so much detail in the last panel that it really gets lost when seen at the normal website viewing resolution. Just letting you know the op was a rip roaring success… Still need to let everything settle down, and settle in, but so far so good.

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