dating after 65 - Updating from hardy to intrepid

If you want to know what is new in Ubuntu 8.10 check here Software Sources Once it opens click on the "Updates" tab and change "Show new distribution release" to "Normal releases" After changing you should see similar to the following screen click on close Start Update manager from System---Update Manager Click the Check button to check for new updates.

Thus, people using this version won’t need to upgrade Xubuntu every six months when a new version is released.

The consequence is that you will not be notified of a new normal release when it arrives.

And due to this even my screen resolution was not the one intended. I tried to install the older nvidia drivers that i used in Hardy (and Sathya was the one who suggested!! I tried that, only to find out that it was not at all compliant with the new xserver-xorg-video. Is it for the new theme, that can also so be applied in hardy? Is it because one would get latest versions of the softwares that could also be obtained in hardy by adding repositories? Is it for the new nautilus in Intrepid with tabs that could also be upgraded in hardy?

Downgrading to that of Hardy’s would crap up the whole thing. Is it the notion that owning the latest version means a great deal???

Or is it just that one wants to just make problems for his/her own self??