Updating do not turn power off

While my other laptops did not face any issues, my Dell XPS laptop was stuck at this screen for over 2 hours! You just need to wait till the upgrade process is over.

But I had ensured that my laptop would never go to sleep. If you think its a lost cause, well you might have shutdown Windows using the power switch on the laptop. Clear the contents of the Software Distribution folder, reset the Catroot2 folder and then run Windows Update again.

Before I start any upgrade process I always ensure that my laptop will not Sleep when plugged in. If it does not boot, well, you may have to reinstall Windows 10, using Media Creation Tool or Windows Upgrade Assistant, ensuring that the ‘Keep personal files & data’ option is selected during installation.

When you run Windows Updates on your computer you assume that everything will be fine.

However, sometimes you can get a corrupt update and your computer when rebooted or shut down will get stuck on this dreaded screen: This will not go away and most people outside of the IT world usually take full notice of the “Please do not power off or unplug your machine…” message and we have known clients leave machines on this screen for days in the hope that it will eventually start working – it won’t!

If when you are upgrading your Windows 10 computer or laptop to a newer version, it is stuck on Getting Windows ready, Don’t turn off your computer screen, then this post is sure to interest you.