dating en language line - Updating a resume

We encourage you to customize each résumé you submit to reflect the skills and experience most relevant to that position.

In addition to the skills you note on your resume, we also want to know career highlights and achievements.

I was really surprised to receive a lot of emails from recruiters, where they described positions that 100% match with me. The recruiter will usually have no way of telling if the resume is up to date, so they will just automatically ask to be safe.

These recruiters asked me to send an updated resume - but they didn't provide any details about what appeared out of date. If it's current just say so, it won't be an issue.

Provide insight to specific experience, skills and accomplishments that demonstrate you are good at what you do and that it can be transferred over to benefit the next employer.

Make sure it communicates your value proposition and distinguishes you from the hundreds of other candidates.

There are several simple fonts that will make your resume clear and easy to read.