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Once you have rebuilt the exact model pictured in the app, you can connect it to the Powerbrain.Imagiantive play is on a roll with the classic "snap" of Tinkertoy!If you use a Google Nexus 7 (version 2013) you may experience problems connecting to the powerbrain via bluetooth. Please search for “Tinkerbots Control”, which is the name of our Tinkerbots App.

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I very much like the idea of self-sufficiency borne of a lifetime of tinkering, but it is not in my nature.

My grandparents used to bring out a musty box of Tinkertoys when we’d visit, and while my cousins relished the opportunity to build outlandish space stations to suit their wild imaginations, I rifled through the box for a set of instructions, some clear rules or guidelines about just what, exactly, we were supposed to be doing.

Please send us an email to [email protected] state your order number.

We will take charge of the shipping costs and proceed to refund your building kit.

So, here comes the Raspberry Pi, another effort with lofty goals, both in terms of purpose and price. The Raspberry Pi, on the other hand, never drew a line in the sand, so, the fact that it clocks in at a measly $35 for the model is all the more impressive.

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