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The dating service is free, and after users say whether they are a British passport holder or an EU citizen, they can search depending on their residential status in the UK.

The site’s student creators said: “We think the EU and the UK are better together, all because of the people.

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This hot singles matchmaking site is all about quantity and with more than 2 million registered love seekers it certainly offers plenty of choices.

North American singles that are looking for romantic adventures or serious, long term relationships will find lots of potential partners in any category or zip code.

But I enjoyed reading those non-fun-loving profiles and would send notes along the lines of "Hi, we'll never meet but you have an excellent profile, good luck! One fateful evening I searched for "Borges" and a young lady who was just a year into her tenure track faculty position responded to my note, saying in effect, "Wait, what?

Online dating once was something people had to keep secret, and was treated as the domain of people who couldn't get a "real" date.

match dot com was still in its infancy, but I decided to give it a try. After skimming thousands of profile I figured out that the phrase "fun-loving" was negatively correlated with "person I want to spend any time with at all". it's a database, and I'm a computer scientist.