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Also, the first Broadcaster (serial #0001), which Leo Fender gave to Jimmy Bryant, had a white pickguard.So it makes sense that an early Broadcaster could have been fitted with a white ’guard. J.’s Broadcaster appears to be made of Bakelite, which is harder and more brittle than the plastic ’guards that appeared on the Telecaster beginning in ’54.

Then 134-6320 would become 134-320 and the specifications of the instrument should be used for determining the approximate year or decade the particular instrument was built.

Here is a brief listing of the manufacturers Source Code numbers: 34 – Cornell-Dubilier Electronics (made capacitors used on early Fender Guitars and are the ones that were paper and wax coated.

Many have film processing dates stamped on the back, and one shows a young man and his new Broadcaster, posing with a friend. In addition to a corroded tuning key, the Broadcaster had a broken volume pot, so it didn’t make a sound when plugged into the Fender Deluxe amp A. “If I would have known the guitar was going to last this long, I would’ve taken better care of it!

displays pictures from the early ’50s with the guitar and its white pickguard. In fact, he played it so much (and cleaned it so little) that until a recent refurb, its body and neck were dirty, worn, and beaten. And though he never was a regularly gigging guitarist, the mileage begs the question, “Where did you play? “I had a captive audience.” Gazing at his old pictures, he reflects.

They now make polyester film capacitors) 106 – Allen-Bradley Corp.