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The large 7-inch screen shows a high-resolution map with easy-to-recognize icons, and touch-panel operation permits quick access to navigation functions and audio-visual sources.

The system can suggest which routes will be most familiar to you.

Smart Routing Algorithm The AVIC-Z1 uses a "smart routing algorithm" to analyze and assess routes by taking into account current road data — such as posted speed limits, number of turns to the destination, etc. Advanced Voice Recognition with Larger Vocabulary The AVIC-Z1's advanced voice recognition makes voice command much easier than ever.

When I first turned it on I didn't think it would work because it kept updating channels 3 or 4 times, then I was greeted by music. I'm going to try and turn my radio off before the subscription ends for a few months.

(I was going to wait a few months anyways so I can renew it with my second one at the same time).

Back up about 2 years ago, I bought a used SIR-PNR2 off Ebay (reseller), which I was going to install with Pioneer stereo I bought.