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I have tried to read the names in this time period as best I could. The records are entered in sections based on the first letter of the surname, thus all the A's are together, all the B's are together, etc. 1244a C 134 Hays, Thomas 1906 Mar 27 M 64y Jackson RFD#2 1241a C 134 Hayth, 1905 Jul 29 S stillborn Liberty Tp. Hellman and Jessie De Long 1272a C 136 Hendricks, Lucinda 1907 Mar 10 W 92y Jackson 1272b C 136 Hendricks, Lucinda COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked 1295a C 136 Henson, Andrew 1907 Nov 14 W 77y7m Jackson 1125a C 128 Herbert, Thomas D. 1103a C 128 Hess, David 1901 Jan 15 M 63y2m11d Milton Tp. 1144a C 130 Hildenbrand, David 1901 May 22 M 63y9m20d Lick Tp. 1171a C 130 House, Fred 1904 Feb 07 S 1y10m7d Glen Roy 1216a C 132 Houser, Emma 1904 Aug 09 M 37y5m16d Jackson 1297a C 136 Houser, John 1908 Mar 19 M 87y5m18d Jackson 1267a C 136 Houstine, John 1907 Mar 01 M 63y11m14d Milton Tp. 1173a C 130 Hughes, Birl Edwin 1903 Sep 16 S 9d Franklin 1166a C 130 Hughes, Catherine 1902 Oct 20 S 25y Wellston 1096a C 128 Hughes, David J. 1133a C 130 Hughes, Dorcas 1902 Mar 31 M 64y4d Wellston 1204a C 132 Hughes, Dr. 1280a C 136 Hughes, Henry 1907 Feb 02 M 81y10m8d Franklin Tp.

Within each section its records are entered in the order that they were received. 1143a C 130 Harrison, Katie 1901 Jul 27 M 25y10m25d Kitchen 1160a C 130 Harrison, Patrick Le 1903 Jan 05 S 12d Wellston 1305a C 136 Harrison, Sarah 1907 Oct 01 W 89y Liberty Tp. 1241b C 134 Hayth, COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked 1241c C 134 Hayth, COMMENT: parents- Jas P. 1177a C 132 Hess, Emma 1903 May 23 S 17y10m Jackson 1131a C 128 Hess, Martha 1902 May 04 W 56y1m4d Milton Tp. 1114a C 128 Hill, Annie 1901 Mar 18 - 9y20d Wellston 1115a C 128 Hill, Bessie 1901 Mar 18 - 6y Wellston 1089a C 128 Hill, Charles D. 1318a C 138 Howard, Ella 1908 May 14 M 34y Jackson, O. 1292a C 136 Howe, Margaret Catha 1908 Mar 11 M 33y5m26d Coal Tp. 1201a C 132 Hughes, Herschel 1905 Feb 04 S 26d Oak Hill 1174a C 130 Hughes, James 1904 Jan 25 M 63y7m10d Samsonville 1153a C 130 Hughes, Maggie E. 1322a C 138 Hughes, Margaret 1908 Dec 09 W 72y Wellston, O.

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