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I laughed because I do not have a big scar on my chest. Said he was financially stable and just looking for a good and faithful wife. I think he finally figured I was on to him when he told me he was being deployed to West Africa in the morning. These men are scum and regardless of how alone you feel you can do so much better!

Never asked for money but pushed for a commitment to be his one and only woman. Met this guy at Luxy, WREDE LAURIE LEE, Naval Aqchitect and working on an oil rig.

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Instead, he earned international recognition with edgy performances in sexually charged dramas like , and a few thrusts amid a surge of waves on a Hawaiian beach, and we have the blue-eyed Burt Lancaster, forever emblazoned in sex-symbol history. Ryan Gosling Thoughtful, intense, and unabashedly feminist, Ryan Gosling is a sex symbol for our time. He illuminated the '80s with his brusque charm, and remains lodged in our memories somewhere between crushable campiness and genuine lust. Tom Selleck Though Burt Reynolds paved the way for the hairy man, Tom Selleck earned his own witty niche in the mustachioed market. Melvin Van Peebles Standing at the helm of his own acclaimed film about a revolutionary hustler, , Melvin Van Peebles created blaxploitation and returned black men's sexuality to a cinema that had emasculated them for decades. Wesley Snipes He probably seems like less of a sex symbol now that he's in prison for tax evasion.

But once, the chiseled Wesley Snipes projected the sex appeal of a man who could rip your dress off with one throw of a glaive.

Last week, we ranked the 50 greatest female sex symbols of film.

This week, we're tackling the men, before they tackle us.

" Sam, 24 The first time I ever had sex was in a baseball field, in left field. This job was basically at a call center in Midtown. I lost my phone — my phone fell out and I couldn't remember what part of the woods we were in. The mosquitoes were so bad that we went into the street. " And I'm like, "Sure." We walk down this alley that was literally right there — which I thought was very peculiar — but whatever. Well, we both had the same layover in the same airport, so we got off the plane together and had sex in the stairwell. We happened to magically finish right before a van rode by. Ramon, 27 I went to boarding school, and I fucked on the principal's desk. And then we laughed and walked away, and that was something that we could always remember.