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only the purest and most genuine stories allowed.......Xserenity. Is she really willing to go through with bringing her husband back? shizukaxseto Not wanting to back down on Mai & Anzu's dare, Shizuka enters a contest. Spending a whole 'week' at Pegasus's mansion: No expenses.

love triangles with the two are allowed Serenity takes a job testing Kaiba's latest virtual game, and finds herself in a magical world of Kaiba's design. How will her boyfriend & brother deal with it when after all, impossible odds, she WINS?

Including that Joey and Tristan came to be Yugi's friends after the incident.

Along with Joey recovering the final piece of the Puzzle which made Yugi finally solve the Millennium Puzzle, Tea became good friends with Joey and Tristan after this incident.

Tea then learn that Yugi was trying to complete the Millennium Puzzle, and learned that the Millennium Puzzle was from Egypt.

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