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The latter “includes correspondent bank information sharing, through Know Your Customer facilities and broader use of the global LEI.” The CPMI and the LEI ROC have made proposals in these areas.

The LEI ROC is a group of over 80 public authorities, from 50 countries, established in January 2013 to coordinate and oversee the Global LEI System.

This approach could have been made a little more effective by simply allowing to look for the keywords in message headers as well.

Not sure why headers were not included in the scanning mechanism for If the above methods don’t work for you, and you absolutely need the convenience of being able to whitelist addresses and domains, you can look at third party utilities like IMF Tune from Win Developer.

IMF Tune is an inexpensive tool that adds important functionality to IMF, making it closer to a full-blown anti-spam tool that many want IMF to be.