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So wait, YG will jump in quick to make sure everyone knows his idols aren't shacking up, but he won't protect the career of one of his employees **BOM** when they need him to?

Sandara Park and G-Dragon dating is not just an old rumor that will die down shortly.

Also lol at people here claiming he ain't Dara's type or that she has "better taste" when she's been thirsting over him for a while talking about how he's her ideal type etc.

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There was like a handful of “Avengers” in the Korean beauty market and we gathered together and thought, why don’t we make a beauty brand?

Something that is really fun and does not have any rules, which can make makeup a really fun thing.

He's been liking GTop, GRi and dar*gon manips for the past few days and he's also been leaving comments on his and CL's friends' posts, especially those who post her pics, with "skydragon" written with emojis.

Dar*gon shippers are ridiculous tho they swore for years the reason why they think this non-existent ship is real was because they had no pda and were never spotted hanging out because they and all those around them were helping them hide it and that all the women GD had pda with were a cover-up and that if he were dating them he wouldn't do anything in public to show it.

Although many K-pop fans argued if or if not V was indeed “intensely staring” at Joy, most agree he was starring at the master of ceremonies (MC) given the fact both of their respective K-pop acts were participating at the 2016 MBC Music Festival.