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Sabah Choudhry and Aisha Khan profess themselves “baffled”.These two friends, both young British Muslim women, both studying for degrees at prestigious London universities, have been following closely the case of Yusra Hussien, the 15-year-old schoolgirl from Bristol who is feared to have run away to Syria to become a “jihadi bride”.“The UK has given us so much in terms of education, human rights, equality.

She won’t even be able to go out on her own to the corner shop.” These two young women are supporters of the “Making a Stand” initiative run by Inspire, an NGO which is rallying British Muslim women to “reject the Islamic State, oppose extremism and terrorism [and] to take the lead stopping preachers of hate preying on our children”.

Sabah and Aisha’s own particular way of doing that is to speak up publicly in an attempt to dispel many of the myths that surround young female Muslims.

Based on the latest study results, 3.9 percent of marriages in Germany are between Turks and Germans, but the rate reaches up to 8 percent with extramarital affairs.

Andrea Thoma, a half-Kadazan, turned out to be Gustin’s ‘Iris West.’They were recently engaged, according to an Instagram post by Gustin, in which Thoma was seen flashing her engagement ring with a big smile on her face while embracing him.

Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah 'The Land Below The Wind', is situated on the tropical island of Borneo, which is home to long, sandy beaches, tropical rain forests, virgin coral reefs, and the mighty Mount Kinabalu.