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Any suggestion publicly that Germany may be attempting to reclaim "East Prussia" continues to be politically and diplomatically taboo, particularly as Germany has officially declared 2001 "Prussian Year" and is involved in a comprehensive reappraisal of the former German state that was disbanded by the Second World War victors in 1946.

Chancellor Schroder has therefore passed on the idea of an association agreement for Kaliningrad to the EU's current Swedish Presidency.

Russia's Baltic enclave was captured by the Red Army and renamed Kaliningrad in 1945.

German officials confirmed last week that the idea of a trade deal with the European Union, a proposal that would effectively return the territory to Berlin's sphere of influence, was "floated" during a private visit to Moscow earlier this month by Chancellor Gerhard Schroder.

“Nobody would invest in Syria as long as there is war and civil war.

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