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As someone who is involved in two affairs, she has to lie a lot and what a bad liar she is.

Throughout the years of movie history, even before the internet sucked us into overanalysis, we've been captivated by snippets of stories that managed to escape sets. John Leguizamo and Steven Seagal: Offenses: Of all the stories about bad behavior, nothing speaks as loudly as these recordings of the on-set tension between Lily Tomlin and David O. Despite the videos, Tomlin has said that she "loves" Russell.

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And sure I found him attractive, but it was Winger I identified with.

Something about the mix of pride and anguish she had as Paula, the small town factory girl trying to break free to a better life, enchanted me and I became an eternal admirer.

And like a crowd to the scene of an accident, we can't help our curiosity, especially when things between actors get gruesome or prickly. These are the stories of ego and competition, of perfectionism and criticism, of tempers and tantrums... Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson: Alleged disdain: The actors don't like being put in the same category with each other; Garfield considers himself a serious actor, as compared to Pattinson, who he considers cheesy because of Twilight. "Adults have fights and go through stuff," Tomlin said Tuesday.

There have been a number of threads on this, and the short answer is: because both (or all) actors having sex are paid. Only if one of the actors was paying another actor would it be filmed prostitution.

The FEMA chief said the government expects a “mass care mission.” If you attend enough cars shows, things can start to get repetitive. Thankfully, the Cars & Coffee series offers a more unique spin on the classic auto show.