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Addressing the needs and concerns of bi people, this is a must-read for anyone who is attracted to people of more than one gender, and for those who know and love us." Sue George, author, Women and Bisexuality, blogger, bisexualityandbeyond.com""At last!British bisexuals come out of the closet with Purple Prose answering pressing questions about identity, activism, prejudice, relationships and much more.

Our exciting and informative interview with her offers us a closer look at why people sabotage their love lives, how to communicate with your partner in the world of digital dating and how to keep calm despite the pressure to constantly stay in touch.

Enjoy, and we hope that these tips from Michelle Skeen help you navigate the dating jungle!

This is challenging because we’re designed with schemas to know what we can expect. We see a lot of leaving before you can be left, as a pre-emptive strike.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we need to know what we can expect. It can even be triggered by something really simple, like an unanswered text. Thoughts spin out of control because of these ambiguous situations.

Not to try to prove anything, or to show off -- just to try to use a different set of muscles." that took place in town were filmed in Marshville, North Carolina.*Auditions were held under the name "Moon Song" to keep things as secret as possible.*Film critic Roger Ebert called it the best film of 1985.