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I was optimistic all during the planning and the move, but not long after arriving in town I came to the harsh realization that Portland, Oregon sucks as a place to live.

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The headmaster, Mr Rothermel, was even less impressed, promptly handing them three-day suspensions for truancy.

Now, almost 50 years later, the friends have been vindicated.

When my employer at the time announced they were closing the Colorado office and relocating most employees to Portland, Oregon I actually looked forward to it.

I'd long been thinking about moving to a new city just to try it out and several people told me I'd like Portland.

Next month they will travel to Las Vegas to watch Starr perform in concert and reminisce with him about the Sixties.

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    My business partner went on to become an accountant, which now puts her in charge of the books and making sure we stay in compliance with all federal, state and local governments.

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