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I think I’m like my former graduate English teacher Frank Davey.

When I was a teenager, I think I always wrote poetry trying to impress some girl. As a teenager, I was very isolated and constantly in hospitals. I hated his music at first, but after I read his biography it all made sense to me. Do first drafts appear looking close to their final shape, or does your work come out of copious notes?

He is a volunteer archivist at The Psychiatric Survivors Archives of Toronto. How does your most recent work compare to your previous? I don’t think that’s really what you mean by the question, but I like to stay grounded.

He didn’t believe in inspiration as much as poetry being a work of construction.

Generally speaking, not much happens of any significance here in the Pacific Northwest with respect to the rail industry. For more than 60 years, Continental Engineering & Equipment Company (CEECo) in Tacoma, Washington, had carved a niche for themselves, beginning with engine repair and rebuilding for Electro Motive Division marine engines.