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Finally, if you have any kind of financial dealings with Microsoft (Ad-free Outlook.com, Xbox Live, Microsoft Store, etc.), the company will also have a billing first name and last name associated with your account and/or credit card on file - this tutorial shows you how to change those as well.Once logged into your Hotmail account, click on your username in the top right corner of the page, and choose "Edit profile" from the dropdown menu.'use strict'; //set up needed constants var branding = ; var default Branding = ; // debugger; function get Parameter By Name(name) try catch (e) finally var texts = {"title":"Wix Help Center","public.ticket.submit.new":"Contact Us","protected.contact-us-link":"https://com/contact/en?

This guide instructs you how to change the display name of any Email Account type or Mailbox Folder set in Outlook.

The name of your email account is what you see when you press the Send/Receive button or on the From or Accounts button when you have multiple accounts configured in Outlook.

This page shows you how to change an Exchange mailbox account name (the name in the From field when composing a new message and in File, Account Settings, Email) and the Exchange Mailbox (including accounts) data file name shown in the Navigation pane.

Using Outlook 2010 and newer with an Exchange server or mailbox, you cannot edit the Folder list name you see in the Navigation pane, but it's easy to change using a macro or script.

From your inbox or any other page, click once more on your username (top right), but this time choose "Account settings".