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When you’re dating as a single parent in New Zealand, there are more than two people involved.

NOTE 1: It's worth noting that you can bring children to ALL events & activities unless the event/activity stipulates it's 'Adults Only'.

NOTE 2: We ask members to contribute [once involved] by either donating (a) $5 a month (tax deductible) or (b) their precious time with operational tasks/events/activities, or (c) their skills &/or passion with projects single parents create that benefit single parent families.

There are lots of reasons why single parents want to start dating.

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify an exact reason why – and there doesn’t even need to be one.

Attending an event for solo parents removes the awkwardness experienced by some divulging that they have children and easier to find someone that is accepting of the fact that you have a child or children from a previous relationship. The days of barn dances or Aunt Betty trying to set you up with your second cousin's best friend are long gone!