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Are you seeing this issue with hardware players, too?

I'm running LMS "7.9.0 - 1479847212 @ Tue Nov 22" Same problem here! For an unknown reason, the next track is pulled 60 seconds before the end of the current and 10 seconds later - ~50 secs before the end of the playing track - sbs switches to the new one: Feb 12 sbs squeezeboxserver: [17-02-12 .3901] Plugins:: Google Music:: Protocol Handler::new (36) Remote streaming Google Music track:

I already tried a couple of things which did not help at all: I observe the same thing since some weeks, but I can't say for sure if this didn't happen with an older LMS version. My gmusicapi and Google Music Plugin I haven't touched for a much longer time (~1 year). It happens with each unsynchronized player as well with synchronized players.

To log into TIDAL with a Squeezebox account, install TIDAL on your system.

Install the ick Stream plugin in LMS (Logitech Media Server) and approve the terms of use for the Squeezebox player types in your setup.

In the Services section remove TIDAL from their account, then add TIDAL to the account.

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