updating mac mini - Normal dot not updating

Note that the file cannot be deleted or modified if Word has other documents open.There are many ways to locate normal.dotm, but if you are in Word 2013, the easiest way is to click the File tab %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\.

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Hopefully this tutorial is better now and not worse =) code is given in C , using Open GL for rendering.

Contents - Normal Mapping Tutorial Related Links: From my Weekly Articles: Skeletal Animation #1 | Normal Mapping Shader | Quaternions | Matrices | 3d Vectors | Tangent Space Graphics programming with Open GL: graphics papers, programs, and programming info for NVidia cards: developer.3D graphics papers, programs, and programming info for ATI cards: com/developer Normal Mapping Tutorial Introduction: This tutorial will tell you about object space normal mapping of skeletal animated meshes in Open GL.

is the template upon which all new blank documents are based.

It opens whenever you start Microsoft Office Word 2013 and it includes default styles and customizations that control the basic look of your document.

If you delete normal.dotm, the next time you open Word it will look for the file, and when it can’t find it Word will recreate the file in its original default condition.