Messenger updating

If your devices do not support the newest versions of Facebook, we recommend going to through your mobile browser.

When someone is already engaged in a chat with the bot, and I change the persistent menu (necessary since sub-menu functionality has been added in Chatfuel and I have changed a few things) that is not updated on the users end. Is this actually a bug or does Face Book set the menu once and updates will never be synced?

Still, the additional privacy that it provides could be very attractive to many people.

Don't want conversations with certain contacts to be saved?

Telegram's security options allow you to create private chats with other users, which means that your conversations with them are completely encrypted and aren't saved or stored on Telegram's servers.

And you can activate a 'self-destruct' feature so that your messages are erased every X amount of time.

Aside from those privacy features, Telegram offers basically the same service as any other instant messaging system: group chats, file sharing, personalized notifications, etc.