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From the viewpoint of songs she has not done so well, she only appears on the top songs page for 20 and is not in the top 1000 song artists If the track you are searching for was not a major hit then this is not the right location to be looking (this is a charts site after all).

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Just select a distinct phrase from the text you have and enter it into Google.

Birth Name: Adam Fredric Duritz Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, United States Date of Birth: August 1, 1964 Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (Russian Jewish) Adam Duritz is an American musician, songwriter, record producer, and film producer.

It was named by a Civil War officer named Captain William Lytle, who donated about 60 acres of land for the town proper. I am the son of Kenneth Allen Freeman, born in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas in 1931, and Lee Cole (Freeman-Spence) (known by her friends as Lee), born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1931.

He suggested the town be named in memory of his friend Colonel Hardy Murfree. My parents met in 1950 when my father was stationed at Sewart AFB, Smyrna, Tennessee, and my mother worked at a theater in the BORO.

Well lets look up her surname, selecting "w" in the list above leads to a page that lists the word ranges that start with "w" we pick "Wildw - Wit'c", since "Winehouse" is in that range.