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This Koori Women’s Diversion Senior Case Worker is an Aboriginal Identified Position and will support the Case Manager in diverting Aboriginal women from further contact with the criminal justice system, by delivering and coordinating intensive case management to a caseload of 6-8 Aboriginal women with an overall case load of 18 within a 12-month period.

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Indigenous Working Group - National and State Libraries Australasia Works to develop protocols for the collection, preservation and display of collections relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples and addresses the issues of copyright and community consent for reproduction of materials.

Includes links to the National Policy Framework for Indigenous Library Services and other publications of the group, and updates on recent activities.

In particular, in the Upper Tribunal, although it was clear that there was an issue about the effect of HC 760 on pending applications, neither the Appellants’ former counsel nor the Senior Home Office Presenting Officer below brought a copy to the hearing, and the UT records that “both representatives agreed that we should examine the law for ourselves”.

That is not good enough: tribunals are entitled to expect to be referred at the hearing to the relevant law and to hear submissions on it…

These visitors contributed to an estimated $2.2 billion in visitor expenditure to NSW.