Johnny depp and winona ryder dating

It really helps determine how you carry yourself."Quite what Ryder's outfit says about her today one can only speculate; like Hepburn, you can certainly make the case that she remains one of the defining Hollywood stars of her era.

In the same year as Heathers, aged just 17, she starred in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice; within five years, she'd taken roles for Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula) and Martin Scorsese (The Age of Innocence).

It is not just his characters who are eccentric, then… This man was a consummate performer ever since his childhood – actor, musician and even an animal trainer!

As a kid, he used to collect lizards for pets, and then train them to perform tricks.

Even later, after the allergy disappeared, he never fancied chocolates much. Johnny Depp might have played the Mad Hatter in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – but did you know that he hates clowns. If Johnny Depp was not an actor, he would have been a full-time musician. With over 50 nominations and three dozen wins in his career that has now spanned almost three decades – Johnny Depp has never won an Oscar. A lesser known fact about Johnny Depp is that he is a high-school dropout.