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The media stopped following Cyndi and Yao Yuan Hao as much once they started to openly date, and this breakup has been confirmed by both sides as amicable and a return to just being friends.

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She is his first love and he wrote sweetly of how she’s supported and encouraged him on in his entertainment career.

Initially when he entered the industry he introduced her to his friends but as he became more famous, she became less willing to be in the limelight and asked that he keep their relationship a secret. Me thinks you are letting your wifey take the fall on this one.

I’m sure I’ve posted enough about them, so its no secret that my two favorite Taiwanese actors are Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) and Joe Cheng (Xiao Zhong 小综).

I am currently heavily sedating myself so that I don’t become a Mike He (Xiao Mei 小美) fangirl, because I can ill afford a new love.

Wu Zun and his wife have been dating since they were 16 years old and met in high school.