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It worked great until I actually placed the post-its in the book. Drowning in a bunch of stuff I could not really see clearly.

Just like with Kanban-for-1, if I had to move a task, first I had to dig through the piles of tasks to figure out where it was. Since I’ve started writing this blog people have been kind enough to send in a number of recommendations. I’ve also received suggestions that I use Evernote for Kanban.

Then flush out activities in the happy path in appropriate swimlanes like so: As soon as you talk to end users (like the clerk in the example above) you will discover unhappy paths. Obviously you document these using standard activity diagram notation: Identifying Pain Points/Opportunities The interesting part about unhappy paths is how often they occur, how they affect the customers of your customer, and ultimately how they affect your customer's bottom line. If it turns out it's because the original application failed to validate credit cards, then a small amount of programming effort can provide a large benefit to length of time until order fulfillment.

For instance, how often is payment declined in the example above? Sometimes you can make the process more efficient without writing a line of code.

Seek(Int64 dlib Move, Int32 dw Origin, Int Ptr plib New Position) at Microsoft.