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But what Netflix’s “Dear White People” just revealed — also what many black people already knew — is that it’s just as awkward to bring the white guy/girl home to your family … Samantha White (Logan Browning) is an outspoken, pro-black, call-white-people-out-on-their-bulls— type of person – but even so, she was having a kind of secret relationship with “Summer bae” a.k.a.

Sam, who’s the president of the Black Student Union, — and also hosts a radio show titled “Dear White People” — and the rest of the members of her organization crashed the party in protest.

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The weekend was wall-to-wall in remembrances by all kinds of people, from the famous and the ordinary, the great and the unknown.

It is a rare thing that a public person can have such an impact upon the public imagination, especially for some 50 years, but that was just one of another of Muhammad Ali’s accomplishments in a long and varied life.

An anonymous letter with racial slurs was sent to a southern Indiana couple, saying in part, "Get out of our neighborhood."The letter was addressed to Shana Evans, who said she won't let hateful words run her out of her home."The first thing that jumped out was to "Get Out," Evans said.

The letter tells Evans and her fiance, who is white, to leave their Jeffersonville neighborhood."This is 2017," she said.

The once commanding physique could not “whup” this opponent; the frailty of health won the last count and his spirit was finally released.