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In 2012, 15.1 percent of new marriages were interracial.

To many, interracial relationships are now almost a non-issue; just love whomever you want to love.

It shows interracial families and their children being normal and cute, not something to gawk at or to question." That imagery can be powerful.

Hatcher-Mays wrote, "Increased visibility of our differences leads to things like 'acceptance' and 'disrupting the status quo' and also 'not that with "sufficient motivation ...

It's been less than 50 years since blacks and whites have been able to legally marry, .

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    In Virginia, you can legally consent to sexual intercourse when you become 18 years old. 7.“An Overview of Minors’ Consent Laws, State Policies in Brief, The Alan Guttmacher Institute. 8.“Minors’ Access to STI Services,” State Policies in Brief, The Alan Guttmacher Institute.

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