Hippister dating

No doubt, the boy has a better sneaker collection than you. Kicks Hipsters are fiercely brand loyal, especially when it comes to trainers. Plaid shirts In a variety of different colours and checks, to be worn with either... He smoked American Spirit Cigarettes, drank far too much PBR and margaritas, lived in Brooklyn (NYC’s hotbed of hipsterdom) and wore the same clothes every day.

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For a short period of time, I was seeing a hipster.

He wasn’t one of those “I look like I’m hipster, but I really live in an expensive apartment in the East Village and slum it at the dive bar across the street.” No, he was the real deal: his facial hair resembled Gandalf’s from .

Sharing his interests/causes with people who share his viewsc.

Local organic microbrew that tastes like Coors Light5.

So I'm sure your new boyfriend is really nice and all, but he might be a hipster. "Hipster" has become such a broad, general term that most people aren't really sure how to define it anymore.