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In the 1960s H&R was acquired by the Kidde corporation and run by the Rowe family.Warranty cards were sent to 'Industrial Rowe', Gardner, Massachusetts. H&R built flare guns during World War I and a variety of firearms, including the Reising submachine gun, during World War II.

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The revolver was chambered in .22 LR and .22 WRF and featured a top break design and a 9 shot cylinder.

The target audience was younger shooters, target shooters or even ranchers that needed a handy pistol for small vermin.

Only number I can find is inside the breech on the barrel '00229'. 1956 S 1957 T 1958 U 1958 V 1960 W 1961 X 1962 Y 1963 Z 1964 AA 1965 AB 1966 AC 1967 AD 1968 AE 1969 AF 1970 AG 1971 AH(snap on forend) 1972 AJ (Huntsman introduced with screw-in breech plug, later changed to push-in) 1973 AL (first handgun transfer bar mid year) 1974 AM 1975 AN 1976 AP 1977 AR (transfer bar on rifles and shotguns) 1978 AS 1979 AT 1980 AU 1981 AVAX 1982 AWAY 1983 AXAZ 1984 AYBA 1985 AZBB 1986 BABC NOTES: AK denotes Kansas Centennial #s 1-300 NC Nebraska Centennial 1967 CT Chisolm Trail Centennial Second letter of prefix on NEF or H&R starting with N or H.....

A= 19861987 H&R will only fit the original chambering(replacement for defective rifle), 357Mag, 44mag, and shotgun barrels to these frames B= 19871988 C= 19881989 D= 19891990 E= 19901991 F= 19911992 G= 19921993 H= 19931994 I= 1994NOT USED J= 1995 k= 1996 L=1997 M=1998 N=1999 P=2000 R=2001 S=2002 T=2003 U=2004 V=2005 W=2006 X=2007 Y=2008 serial number prefixes changed in May 2008 and on, CBA for SB2 and CAC for SB1, the only source for build year is to call and ask (866)776-9292.

-Samuel Adams i got a HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON THE SERIAL # IS 14104 AND ABOUT THE MIDDLE OF THE GUN IS A L WHAT YEAR IS IT AND I ALSO NEED A SNAP ON FORARM CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THE INFO AND FOREARM I THINK ITS A 1951 BUT NOT SURE THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP __________________ If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.

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