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I received my first inkling that dating in Cape Town would be a new and distinct challenge one week in, courtesy of Edward, a black American who had been living and studying here for one year.

Over Sunday-afternoon drinks, he made an offhand comment about the peculiar politics of dating in Cape Town.

(I once was stood up six times in one week in Buenos Aires!

) In my case, everywhere I've lived, there's been no escaping the dreaded question that's been the bane of my existence abroad: "Is it true what they say about black men? In countries where black men are a rarity, like Argentina, Australia and Thailand, there's bound to be curiosity. According to the 2011 Census, blacks make up 39 percent of Cape Town's population, compared to whites' 16 percent, a minority that still holds the majority of the city's economic power while dominating its international image.

Mobile applications are slowly transforming African society.