Firefox url not updating dating site dickson tn

I don't know if this is a problem or a functionality request, but here goes: If the URL of a bookmarked page changes (e g due to site restructuring) I would like to be able to add the new bookmark in such a way that it replaces the old one, rather than getting added beside it.

firefox url not updating-71

The organization published two bug fix releases for Firefox 48 to resolve the issue, but users were still reporting issues after installing the latest Firefox 48 version if Websense was installed on the computer as well.

The main issue for non-Websense users of Firefox was that their version of the browser was stuck at an earlier version.

I tried various times throughout the day, and restarted the browser as well.

I finally had to re-download Firefox to get version 55. Had 54.0.1 installed, and upon release of version 55 on August 8th, Firefox was still saying my version was up to date.

Firefox could not be updated because FAILED (Unknown reason). I am trying to update Firefox and I get a message that the update failed.