Father phenotype in female dating preferences

deem sexually attractive) those males that phenotypically represent the "best genes", because it's those very genes that have allowed such males to outcompete for reproductive access and it's those genes that will allow her progeny to do the same.

It is these males that express phenotypic honest biological signals of "good genes" that typically get chosen for short-term mating; i.e. This is so well-understood in the scientific community that it is just about taken as pure fact, while the layperson is commonly misled by ideas of so-called monogamous species and articles like the one cited here, the biology just doesn't support it. Nature penalizes those that do not strive for optimum.

And let's be honest, aren't we always talking about that.

Without writing another word I could simply show a few pictures of dad's that are not representative of the dad bod and you can judge for yourself these are attractive phenotypes.

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In biological terms, incest avoidance is beneficial because it reduces the likelihood that offspring are homozygous for recessive genes carrying deleterious or even lethal mutations (Brown, 1997). doi: 10.1016/20 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Little, A.