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Due to certain reasons, her boyfriend gets her to go on a love cruise and she started to ponder on how to lose her virginity and tie down her boyfriend.Xin Yi ended up taking cold medicine which made her drowsy and went into Ji Cun Xi's room.Filed under: News — Tags: Carrie Ng, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Dong Jie, Dou Xiao, George Lam, Hi Fidelity, Last Supper, Man Behind Courtyard, Michelle Ye, Pat Ha Man-Chik, Seal of Love, William Chan Wai-Ting, Windseeker — dleedlee @ pm ICRC (Red Cross), IFRC (Red Cross/Red Crescent) CRI: HK Entertainers to Raise Fund for Quake Victims It’s been confirmed that Hong Kong artists will hold a three-hour charity concert titled “311 Love beyond Borders” to raise funds for victims of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami.

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He planned to propose to Anna on the boat, but she didn\'t turn up.

An island owner added drugs into Cun Xi\'s drink, and Cun Xi became disoriented and returned to his room. Xin Yi later finds out that she\'s pregnant, and Cun Xi\'s grandmother forces them to get married.

Bhranti Bilas was remade in 1968 as the musical comedy Do Dooni Char, which in turn was later remade as Angoor.

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Xin Yi ended up taking cold medicine which made her drowsy and caused her to go into Ji Cun Xi\'s room.