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During the Northern Crusades, there was a common practice of building churches on the sites of sacred groves.The Lakota and various other North American tribes consider particular forests or other natural landmarks to be sacred.

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So, you can literally be chatting with Russian women anytime of the day or night. Women far outnumber men; currently men comprise just 44% of the population. The Perestroika era in the 80's opened this society to a new wave of outside influences but, in some ways, the pendulum may be swinging back the other way.

I say all of this because you need a little background to understand your Russian girlfriend.

Guatemalan customs are also largely influenced by the predominant Roman Catholic Church.

Much like in Spain, Guatemalan people celebrate Christmas, Advent, Three Kings and Easter as the most important holidays of the year.

They were important features of the mythological landscape and cult practice of Celtic, Baltic, Germanic, ancient Greek, Near Eastern, Roman, and Slavic polytheism, and were also used in India, Japan, and West Africa.