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Store fixtures and advertising from Pattersons Mill Museum Chapel Hill NC.Parking Lot trading will be available for only pre-registered bidders.Butz Choquin was founded in 1858 by Gustave Butz and Jean-Baptiste Choquin in Metz, France.

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There is a good market for Ronson Varaflame lighters on e Bay.

Prices vary from £10 or £20 to up to £100 depending on condition and whether the lighter is working or not.

Dunhill pipes hand made in London, famously known today by The White Spot that Alfred Dunhill introduced in 1912.

The White Spot pipes are the excelsior of smoking pipes, superior in craftsmanship and desired by many who seek a luxurious smoke. This range of fashionable pipes was born from the imagination of Alfons Gubbels, who had crazy ideas for his time.

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