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You are not one to point fingers,” Jason snapped.“It was a joke,” Chase said. Loyal Lacy could give pretty mean give-it-up stares, too.“Did Kathy tell you about Jason’s kittens? “There’s one calico and” As long as she talked, she didn’t have to think. Her heart pinched again, so she recommenced chattering. Remember that lady we met at one of your parties, Lacy? Sighing, Sue accepted that her feelings might stem from jealousy. Then she paused before her mother told her to stop fidgeting. Sue glanced at the Godiva Chocolatier sticker on the package. “You should train him not to do that.”“It’s just his way of saying hello.” Her mother set her purse on the island.“I knew a guy in college who said that, and I trained him not to do it.”“Always the good girl.” Her mom’s gaze dropped to the floor, and the mama’s-proud-of-you smile faded. Now her mother was tossing Jason Dodd’s name at her, too.

If I remember right, Sue said he was some computer dweeb. I hate not being on the inside of this case.”“I know,” Chase said. “I know it sounds crazy but he said he looked at each word. Sometimes the truth jumped out at him.”Jason scanned the file again, backward this time. Then Sue mentioned she didn’t like the guy who did her cover art, a Michael Braxton.” Jason paused to let his mind wrap around the idea. The publisher said it was a coincidence, but I think the guy is obsessed with her. “It’s sex and food night, and my wife’s probably going to win the Most Horny award! “But you owe me, damn it.”Sue slipped her peach-colored sandals off her feet and let them fall under Kathy’s table.

“Sue’s pretty adamant about not dragging him into this.”“You know women never suspect their ex-husbands. ”A car passed, and both Chase and Jason got quiet.“Anyway,” Jason continued after a moment, “he was supposed to call me back and didn’t. “Damn, but you’ve got a chip on your shoulder.”Jason closed his eyes. I want this guy caught.”“Yeah.” Silence filled the car.“You know,” Chase remarked, “I remember a homicide detective who said when he was stumped, he read the file backward.” He held up his hand. The owner’s wife said he was a down-on-his-luck artist. I’m going to go over and interview the owners of the Saturn.”Chase frowned. Her heart hadn’t stopped feeling pinched since she and Jason made love.“So, what do you think? It took Sue a second to remember what they’d been talking about. Thinking could be detrimental to her mental health.

He said he’d make some calls but that I ‘d probably have to let things go through their natural channels.”“Fuck natural channels,” Chase said.“My thoughts exactly.” Jason sighed.

“I did find out that Fritz isn’t listed as owning a gun.

“There’s still the cover artist, but now that we know the jerk broke into her computer files, it doesn’t have to be someone who’s read her manuscript. “I’m not completely ruling him out.”“Have they found the stolen Saturn that followed you yet? Still, I didn’t look at him seriously because he’s in New York.