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There are many levels of stupidity involved in this story, and I don’t want to add to Mr Frampton’s woes by listing them all, since he just got banged up for nearly five years.

His ex-wife’s observation that he is a “naive fool” is probably sufficient comment.

One question nags me over this week’s honeytrap trial in which a British scientist was conned into smuggling drugs because he thought he might get his leg over a Czech glamour model.

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The story goes on to inform us that Frampton was arrested and thrown in jail in Buenos Aires.

And while it is believed that he was honestly duped by a person online into thinking he was in Bolivia to meet Denise Milani, his lawyers could not convince the court that he had no idea he was being used as a drug smuggler once he arrived and got roped into the scheme (there were some very condemning texts sent from him to the person he understood to be Milani).

Frampton was sentenced to 4 years 8 months for drug smuggling. The lesson learned here fellas, once again, is to be very, very, very careful when dating online.

Do not do ANYTHING for a girl who you have never met in person, and especially don’t do anything that could possibly be illegal.

Frampton – who amazingly has the requisite grey matter for a double first from Oxford – became convinced that he had formed an online romantic relationship with Denise Milani, a gorgeous 32-year-old former Miss Bikini World.

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